x Kuddos to Officer Eby!!!


Kristen Leer

Tue, Aug 13, 8:39 PM (11 hours ago)
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I wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Officer Eby this morning.  At the end of his shift, he came quickly to the aide of myself and two children.  A semi truck turned into our vehicle and continued on to I-69.  Officer Eby was at the scene moments after I called dispatch.  I had a very upset 1 year old and 3 year old in the car with me.  He wrote the report and got toys for my children to help distract them from what all was happening.  He waited until the paramedics checked my children and filled out their report before leaving.  I appreciate the kindness he showed my family during a very stressful and scary moment.  First responders were phenomenal today!
Mrs. Kristen Leer
7th GradeSpecial Education Teacher
Team Hanover
Student Council Advisor


 Grass Clippings/Brush

* Please remember to keep ALL grass clippings off of the streets.  This creates a safety hazard for motorcycles and is bad for the storm drains.**

** In town residents please place all brush (no trash or metal) by the curb.  We will begin picking it up this month (May 2019).**

 Thank you

Town of Ingalls