x Resolution Number 032320 - Public Heath Emergency


Attached you will find the resolution put in place when the governor declared a public health emergency for the Coronavirus Deisease.  Resolution Extending Declaration of Local Emergency.  Resolution Documentation attached.



Planning Commission Meeting tonight at 7:00pm at the Ingalls Town Hall, located at 308 N. Meridian St., Ingalls, IN 


 Town of Ingalls Office Update 06/22/2020

The Town office will continue to only be OPEN to the public on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm for the remaining of June. The Town Council discussed this on Monday night and decided it would be best to follow this schedule through the end of June.
We will continue to process payments over the phone (317) 485-4321 and you can also pay your water bill on line at: www.townofingalls.us and you can also drop your payment off in the drop box that is located right inside the door.
Please continue to visit our website and the town Facebook page for continued updates.


 Thank you for your continued patience during this times.

Town of Ingalls 


   Attention all Residents:  Building Permits

 We are currently still requiring Building Permits for such things as, fences, patios, roofs, driveway changes, etc.  If you do not know if you need a permit please call the office at 317-485-4321 to discuss your improvement.

 This is our process until we are completely reopened.

  Fill out the Building Permit Application – this can be found at our website:  www.townofingalls.us  Click on the tab Forms, Permits.  The Building Permit Application is the second document.

Please print this off and fill out the application.  Please add your email to the top of the application.

 Note:  If you do not have access to print the Building Permit Application please call the office at 317-485-4321 and an application can be put in an envelope for you and taped to the door.

  1. Email the completed application to cmorris@townofingalls.us

Note:  All lines on the application will not apply to you.  Skip over those and move on to what just applies to your improvement.

  1. Cathy will get with the Building Inspector to assess improvements and assign inspections.
  2. Cathy will then email you the fees for your improvements.

Note:  General Building Permit is $40.00

           Inspections are $40.00 each.

  1. Fees (by check or cash) can be dropped off at the Ingalls Town Office and placed in the overnight drop box.
  2. Cathy will process your check or cash and email you a receipt and the Building Permit.

         Note:  If you do not have access to email then you will be called and arrangements will be made for you to pick up your Building Permit and Receipt.

  1. Once you receive your Building Permit it must be placed in a window or door window that is visible from the road.

 This process will continue while we are closed to the public and working an adjusted schedule at least until May 1, 2020.

 Please allow at least 48 hours to receive the application and process the paperwork.

 Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this is to you and we do appreciate your patience.

Thank you

Town of Ingalls


      For our In-Town Residents:

Over the past few years, the issue with unregistered, non-running, and junk vehicles has largely been ignored. Recently, the town has received several complaints regarding this. It doesnt take long driving through town to realize this situation has gotten out of hand. It has been said up to 100 vehicles in town are in violation of Ingalls town ordinance 2014-1. This includes any inoperable, wrecked, disassembled, abandoned, or junk vehicles. The goal here is not to tag and tow every vehicle in violation but to make everyone aware of the ordinance and give ample time to correct the situation. If this notice doesnt pertain to you, then disregard. If it does then please take this opportunity to clean up or correct it. We are asking that any vehicle in violation be cleaned up by April 30th. That gives everyone more than 30 days by the time this notice is received to address it. With spring rapidly approaching, this will help clean up the town as a whole. There will be copies of the ordinance available in the town office. If the office is closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we can make arrangements to have a copy sent via email or USPS. Thank you for your cooperation.